Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the Bombol Pop-Up Booster in the car?

No, the Bombol Pop-Up is not a car seat. It has been tested and designed for domestic use when mounted on an adult chair.

From what age can my child start using the Bombol Pop-Up Booster?

Your child can start using the Bombol Pop-Up Booster when they are able to independently sit up. This is typically about 6-months of age. 

Until what age can my child use the Bombol Pop-Up Booster?

The Bombol Pop-Up Booster is compliant with the US booster safety norms, which put a limit of 5-years old.


Can the Bombol Pop-Up Booster be mounted on all chairs?

It can be mounted on most chairs. The large shoulder strap of the bag doubles up as large safety belts, which run under and behind the chair. 

What type of harness does the Bombol Pop-Up harness have?

It has a five-way harness. 


Is the Bombol Pop-Up Booster washable? 

Yes, it is. It has a stain and odor-proof finish. Simply give it a wipe with soapy water.