About Us


We want to bring families the most innovative products that make every day easier, whether that be for home or travel. That means we spend our days thinking about the challenges parents face, and how we can help. 

You and your baby are at the heart of everything we do: we make available to you brands that we believe in and products that are smarter and better than anything else on the market. 



We are a US distributor of innovative European baby essentials for the modern parent. We bring to market the most sought-after European trends to the US, beginning in 2014 with the BABYZEN YOYO, a first-of-its-kind French stroller brand that created an entire category of travel strollers in the stroller gear space.

In 2019, we began distributing Bombol, which offers award-winning Italian-designed innovation.

In 2020, we added AeroMoov, the instant travel cot brand that opens and closes in the blink of an eye, to our expanding portfolio.

This year we also launched JSG Organics, a subsidiary of Jet Set Go, LLC., which imports and distributes natural food products in the United States. Our team is managed by an experienced team of triple bottom line entrepreneurs – people, profits, planet. We are the exclusive U.S. distributors of Holle, one of the leading global manufacturers of the highest quality and holistic nutrition for babies and children. Learn more about the US launch of Holle at holleusa.com.