Giving Birth During This Pandemic


Q: How have you prepared for delivering a baby during a pandemic? 

The first time I really cried and panicked was when NYC hospitals were telling women they couldn't have their partner present during labor!! Then the governor stepped in and said they could but then hospitals said partners had to leave two-hours after delivery and couldn’t be there during the recovery stage. Finally as of now if they don't test positive, they can stay the entire time! My husband and I get tested for the virus this Wednesday and I am getting induced Friday morning so really the only plan is don't catch COVID-19!

Luckily my mother is in town now, so our toddler will be taken care of and in the best of hands. For a while, that was my huge concern because most all our friends have left the city. I was just relying on my sister to be able to get to my house from Brooklyn ASAP.  Now I’m just sad that my toddler can’t come to the hospital to meet her baby sister but at this point it's the least of my worries.


Q: What essentials will you bring to the hospital? 

This is my second pregnancy, so I have a better heads-up on what to pack. I think my first time I overpacked a bit but still didn't even bring much. I also believe I won’t be in the hospital very long, but I have a very comfy Cosabella maternity nursing PJ set, and an adorable baby outfit that’s made for newborns and skin to skin time. I should have snacks in my bag for after but hopefully my husband can run out and grab some. I packed a tripod with a remote so I can make sure to get pictures with my husband and baby together! A great pair of slippers and a pillow and blanket are a must. 


Q: What are you doing for emotional support?  

I’ve been telling my business partner and family that I may go offline for a while. I want them to know to not contact me about things unless it's urgent because I really want my head to be in the right place coming home with a new baby. Since I run my own business it's hard to take a leave or to disconnect. I wish I would have been better about disconnecting more with my first but I have learned my lesson for this round. I have had lots of emotions the past few months and even more now with what’s happening in our world today. I’m sad, anxious, and overwhelmed. I know I have to be vocal if I’m ever feeling not ok and I have talks with my husband letting him know how to help me when I ask for it.


Q: Do you have any advice for the first time expecting moms who are about to deliver now?  

Just remind yourself that once this is all over we will look back and be so proud we were able to survive the stress and crazy we went through during a pandemic!! A time that should be calm and happy has now become fearful and stressful. We will raise our babies into strong independent loving humans. Also, it's important to tell new moms to soak up everything especially the hard and stressful moments. Time flies by so fast and while in the beginning you may cry or stress over something but soon enough you'd do anything to go back to that moment with your baby. They're really only babies for a short 12 months!! 

Q: What are you looking forward to most when you bring baby home?

For her to meet her big sister!! Since they can't meet in the hospital like I always imagined the coming home will now be so special. I’m so looking forward to having my baby safe at home in my arms!! 


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