Best Books for Expecting Parents

Recommended by real moms for parents that want sound guidance for pregnancy and parenting:

For parenting info, I loved Bringing Up Bebe and The Danish Way of Parenting. It was important to me to find parenting methods for newborns and toddlers that resonated with me, as so much behavior is learned and not inherited. In terms of a book for expecting mothers - hands down: What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s concise, comprehensive, week-by-week and month by month guide. I was glued to the app too!

—Saba, mom of 1.5 yr. old son

Expecting Better. The author takes a data-based approach to all the little decisions you might face during pregnancy and labor. So I can make choices based on medical evidence, which has been super helpful.

Dorothee, expecting her first son

Expecting Better, hands down. Also, this isn’t a book but I love to recommend the pregnancy program called One Strong Mama. It’s mostly exercises and body alignment to help prepare your body for childbirth (was awesome in helping with my pelvic and hip pain), but they also have materials and about the process. Taught by a Pilates instructor and a doula I think. Loved it.

—Libby, mom of 6 mo. old daughter


Since I cope with change by reading as much as I can about the new life event, I purchased a lot of baby and parenting books when I was expecting my daughter. My favorites by far were Expecting Better by Emily Oster, Moms on Call by Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker and Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. I give this trio of books to all my friends who are expecting their first child, as each book focuses on a unique aspect of becoming a parent. Expecting Better breaks down the questions of pregnancy and childbirth, Moms on Call is a short but succinct guide to newborn care and Bringing Up Bebe relates the French philosophy of parenting. All of these books were laid back and reassuring to a new mom. I still find myself flipping the pages of
Bringing Up Bebe and revisited Pamela Druckerman's lessons as I continue to find my footing as a parent. 

—Caroline, mom of 2 yr. old daughter

Two recommendations that are about preparing for actual birth: I loved The Hypnobirthing Book and Yoga Mama.  

—Grace, mom of 1 yr. old daughter

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