Back to (Online) School!

The Hurdles of Remote Learning

Schools across the U.S. are starting the year online, or at least have a contingency plan of switching to remote learning

Kids look forward to the beginning of school, where they can reunite with their much-missed friends and teachers, show off their new backpacks, and put their new-found summer knowledge on display! Hearts of parents and kids alike broke when they learned that they would need to head to Zoom instead of the bus stop.

Remote learning at pre-school and kindergarten levels is arguably the toughest.  At this age, kids mainly learn from hands-on activities and develop social skills through interactions with others. There isn't the concentration span to sit still and listen to teachers on a screen for a prolonged period of time. Serious respect to education professionals who are creating and reinventing teaching methods to adapt to the current educational demand! Additionally, young children tend to need more repetition and attention to grasp learnings, which can often leave teachers focusing on a few students at a time, having multiple sessions a day, and upping their level of physical and mental drain.

Happy to Help!

Kids are learning to adapt to a new way of learning and a new type of relationship with their teachers. But, they aren't doing it alone! Online interaction requires help from care givers, who are becoming teaching assistants, too! Try not to worry! There are many websites that provide home-school structured curriculum, and have useful information to those who are doing so temporarily. For more ideas on fun educational activities and tips on teaching from home, this site provides comprehensive resource guides from pre-school through 5th grade.

Post COVID-19 Education

This pandemic has forced the age-old methods in education to be reinvented overnight. Although remote learning strategies are a temporary solution for the duration of the crisis, it has kick-started a new era of education that will come with its benefits and problems. As this article from the World Economic Forum has concluded, it is important to have resilience when facing these new challenges. We will help our kids navigate these uncharted waters together! 


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