10 Ideas to Make Dad's Day (It's June 21!)



We all know the hardest person to shop for is Dad. This Father’s Day, instead of buying gifts, why not make one yourself? Even better: create an experience he’ll always remember. 

These DIY Father's Day gifts and activities are bound to pull at Dad's heartstrings:

1. Dad Libs

Beat dad to it-- and be the first one to crack a Dad Joke. This Father’s Day rendition of Mad Libs doubles as a card and will leave everyone giggling for hours!

Check it out

2. Create a Custom Board Game

Give Dad what he wants: quality time with his family. This is the perfect gift for the Dad who is stringent about screen time.

Get the instructions here.

3. Host a Pizza Making Competition

No need to order pizza-- make the family favorite from scratch! Gather everyone around the kitchen and compete to see who can make the best pizza. Just be sure to let Dad test them first! 

See the game rules here.

4. Camp Indoors

Can’t take dad camping? Bring the camp to his own living room. Make it even sweeter by making stovetop s'mores.

Inspiration here.

5. Dad Joke Virtual Trivia

Got a whole group of dad’s to celebrate? Connect with their families to create a Dad-Joke virtual trivia game. Try to match the joke to the dad that said it. Or check out these other virtual trivia games the family can play.

6. Write a Card and Craft up a Gift

Check out our Pinterest page for loads of Father’s Day crafting inspiration.

7. Host a Movie Night

You may not be able to take him to the theater-- but that doesn’t mean you can’t gather to watch a movie. 

Check out these family films.

Watch together virtually.

Take him to a drive-in movie or if you’re feeling extra crafty-- create your own outdoor theater! 

8. Put on a Show

Have your kids script a skit, sing a song, or perform a dance and make sure Dad has a front-row seat. Have friends who’d love to join in the fun? Host a virtual talent show.

9. Bike through a new town!

Has there been a place Dad has been dying to see? Either throw the family bikes in the trunk-- or rent bikes at your destination. This activity will guarantee some quality time without the distractions at home.

10. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

If he picks up a few good cooking skills-- this may be the gift that keeps giving. Just make sure that someone is on dish duty. 

Check out the best online cooking courses.

 Looking for more inspiration?

Try our Pinterest Page 

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